Ingeniosa botella de chocolate para fiestas de niños

Ingeniosa botella de chocolate para fiestas de niños

Hoy en día la tendencia cuando de fiestas y reuniones  se trata, son los elementos decorativos comestibles. Atrás quedó llenar la mesa con objetos que no se pueden ni oler ni saborear.  Sin embargo, esta tendencia puede  ser un dolor de cabeza para aquellas personas que les gusta estar en la vanguardia pero  no son tan buenos con las tareas creativas, y es que se necesita tener mucho ingenio para crear elementos decorativos comestibles. En este caso con chocolate.
Pero en Muy Ingenioso amamos hacerte la vida más fácil, por ello, si tienes planificado una fiesta de cumpleaños para tu peque y quieres adornar con alimentos,  no te puedes perder este post.


Vía Gatheringbeauty

“SUPPLIES: A plastic bottle of Coca-Cola, 400g of chocolate, sweets, a bain-marie and a craft knife.

1, Start by pouring out the coke. Remove the label and remember to keep it somewhere safe. You’ll need the lid and label later. Wash the bottle and leave to dry.

2. Melt 200g of the chocolate using a saucepan and a pyrex bowl as a bain-marie.

3. Pour the melted chocolate into the bottle.

I used a disposable piping bag to fill my bottle but you could use a funnel instead.

4. Slowly rotate the bottle until the chocolate has completely coated the inside. Be careful and tilt it slowly when you reach the bottle opening. You don’t want any chocolate on the outside rim of the bottle.

5. Lie the bottle down and leave it to set. Rotate the bottle every couple of minutes as the chocolate dries. You want a thick, even coating of chocolate.

6. Once the chocolate has set you need to add a 2nd layer of chocolate.

I melted another 200g of chocolate and repeated the steps above.

7. Once the chocolate has completely set you can remove the plastic bottle.

I found it worked best to use a craft knife and cut an ‘I’ shape where the label would be that way any marks would be covered by the label.

This next part was tricky and a little dangerous so try not to rush it. Peel away the plastic and run the craft knife underneath as you rotate the bottle. I’d recommend watching the original tutorial (you can find it here) to give you a better idea of how to do it. Peel the plastic away in sections until your chocolate coke bottle is completely free of plastic.

8. Tidy up any marks by gently buffing with some kitchen paper.

9. Re-attach the label you removed earlier and fill with sweets.”


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